Classmate Interview & Anecdote

The classmate I Interviewed and wrote an Anecdote for is Rylee Holwager.

As a mildly cold month in Los Angeles comes to a close, so does the year 2018. Students are gathering their materials to start their new Spring semester at campuses across the country. Some students hope to transfer, some on the way to graduate, and most just starting. Rylee Holwager is one of those students who is ready to start her new semester at College of the Canyons with new aspirations. Previously a marine biology major at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Rylee found the science portion to be too difficult to manage. Creativity was calling and Rylee was answering. She found her way to the journalism department and decided to embark on a new career path. Fashion and poetry were the way to her heart and she decided to act on it. Creating a blog, where the space allows her to express herself creatively without worrying too much on format and critical thinking.

26 year-old CSUN student and writer from Los Angeles