The Visitor

It’s a quarter to 9 am when light is peaking through two long dark velvet curtains. At the edge of my clean white linens rests my dog’s soft head. He rests his chin on the edge of my bed which is about 4 feet in height, as the rest of his body stands on all fours. He has this common occurrence to rest all of his weight on his head as his body is off the edge. I know he isn’t comfortable but he acts as though he is just to be in my presence and get all of my attention. His freckled nose is damp, his breathing is heavy, I know at this point he wants me to pet him. His neck stretches upwards as he wags his once golden tail, now freckled with white fur from 8 years of age, back and forth. As I reach towards him, he shifts his body and comes closer, he’s ready for all my attention. I pet each ear one by one and rub them gently as he closes his eyes. As soon as I stop petting him he makes his rounds throughout my room. He walks past the bed to the closet, and then circles back towards me, and stands motionless everywhere besides his wagging tail moving gently. He waits to see if I will pet him a bit more and then realizes he wants to go out now. He only ever lasts a bit in my room and then he wants out. He walks towards my white door and stares at the black door knob as if his mind will move it open. He waits for me to get up and open the door for him, he waits very patiently and eager, as if he has been waiting for this moment.

Patiently waiting for touch